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Everything you need to know about Slurry King in just 60 seconds

Slurry King - saving you money by managing your slurry

  • Save money – by an average of £40 per year per cow and £3.60 to £6.00 per year per pig (land dependent)
  • Save time – easier slurry management
  • Reduce odour and flies – naturally and organically
  • Scientifically proven – unbeaten on scientific trials
  • Best value – 25-50% cheaper than competitor products
  • Easy to use – just mix in luke-warm water, stir and apply

Scientifically proven

Odour emissions 53%
Amoniacal nitrogen 57%
Fertilizer value 50%

Recommended by farmers

My only regret is that I didn’t use it 10 years earlier

Rob Price, 
Green Farm, Lower Knightley

Dairy farmer - 90 Friesian Holstein

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