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Slurry King Cattle was previously know as Epizym Cattle


Slurry King Cattle saves you time and money on slurry management (an average of £40 per cow per year), boosts your profits, and it’s easy to use.

How It Works

  • Naturally occurring bacteria create an optimal eco system – Slurry King’s unique combination of 13 strains of naturally occurring bacteria is unbeaten in scientific trials
  • Liquefies slurry and reduces crust – introduced into the liquid part of the slurry, the natural bacteria break up the solids in the tank to create a more uniform liquid
  • Odour reduced – by the ammonia capturing bacteria, enzymatic altering of odour forming compounds and the removal of bottom solids, the habitat for odour forming anaerobic bacteria
  • Improves the organic fertiliser value of slurry – by increasing Total Nitrogen, Ammonium Nitrogen and Water Soluble Phosphorous
  • Improves livestock environment – reduced ammonia improves animal welfare 

Click here to read about the science of Slurry King.

Key Benefits

Easy to use, Slurry King delivers multiple benefits:

On your pocket

  • SAVE on artificial fertilizer
  • SAVE on contractor costs
  • SAVE on labour and machinery costs for mixing

In the Slurry Store

  • Less crusting and floor solids – slurry is liquefied 
  • Less mixing time and use of top stirrers etc 
  • Less smell when stirring 
  • Better housing conditions due to ammonia capture 
  • Save time – reduce stirring and pumping time by up to 50%
  • Save space as tank is emptied in a more efficient way

On the Field

Reduced crop contamination – fewer solids to stick to leaves 
Faster absorption into the soil – faster regrowth and less delay before grazing or cutting 
More accurate application of fertilizer nutrients – due to the more even mixture 
Improved fertilizer value – due to enhanced nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen capture 
Less smell when spreading – fewer complaints from neighbours

For Your Livestock

  • Improved animal environment – cleaner overall atmosphere in slatted systems and reduced odour

For the Environment

  • Biodegradable 
  • Non caustic
  • Non corrosive 
  • Non-toxic to humans, plants or animals
  • 100% organic and non GM
  • Suitable for organic farms  
  • Helps you comply with DEFRA Codes of Good Agricultural Practise