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Slurry King Cattle was previously know as Epizym Cattle

How much money can I save?

Every farm is unique, so savings will vary. But our surveys show that farmers using Slurry King on average save £40 per cow per year on artificial fertiliser alone.

Slurry King savings on artificial fertiliser: the evidence

We surveyed four Slurry King customers, with varying herd sizes, farming practises and geographic locations. They enjoyed an average saving on bagged fertiliser of £3,926 per 100 cows.

Farmer Savings No. Cows Per 100 Cows Per Cow

Perry Beard





Rob Price





John Pidsley





Richard Allwood










Additional Savings

Slurry King customers also save money on labour, diesel and machinery from reduced stirring time.  Our survey that has found for that the average saving for mixing up a 200,000 gallon tank (typical size for a 100 cow herd) is approximately £951.

Case Studies


John Pidsley

Thornton Hey Farm, Cheshire

Dairy farmer - 60 milkers, 30 young stock

“I can’t imagine farming without it now. The amount of hassle it takes out of slurry management is nothing short of amazing”

John Pidsley’s Annual Savings

Fertiliser saving £8,625
Contractor saving £300
Diesel saving £200
Less cost of Epizym - £250
TOTAL saving £8,875

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Richard Allwood

Vale Farm, Shrewsbury

Dairy farmer, herd of 140

“Using Epizym saves me money in more ways than one”

Richard Allwood’s Annual Savings

Fertiliser saving (on first cut only) £978
Less cost of Epizym - £300
TOTAL saving £678

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